Saturday, 23 June 2012

The Lost Books of Merlyn, David Monroe

'The Lost Books of Merlyn' by David Monroe - used but Rare

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Part adventure tale and part grimoireThe Lost Books of Merlyn remains true to the Druids' method of wrapping important knowledge in a story. Monroe's tale of the British Celts, their conflict with the Romans, and the last days of King Arthur, recounts the demise of the Druids but reveals the hope of their resurrection today. Coupled with an abundance of spells, charms, and sacred rites, this is more than just a well-written fantasy, more than just a well-stocked spell book. The Lost Books of Merlyn is both teacher and course. Whether you read it as a work of fiction or dig for a deeper meaning, you will hear a voice in these pages speaking to you as Merlyn speaks to the author: "Now, at last, it is your turn to understand what has already been lived, and what may come of it." --Brian Patterson

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